Advanced Sustainable Biofuels for Aviation

BIO4A is a Horizon 2020 project that will scale up the industrial production and the market uptake of sustainable aviation fuel, made from residual lipids. The project will enable the large-scale pre-commercial production of ASTM-certified sustainable aviation fuel in the EU.

It will also investigate the alternative supply of sustainable feedstocks by recovering EU MED marginal land for drought resistant crop production.

The project will test the entire value chain and logistic at industrial scale and it will assess the environmental performance of the overall process.


Upgraded agroresidues processing unit is ready for tests

Besides testing the industrial production of SAF, the BIO4A project is also exploring innovative solutions to produce Camelina oil as an alternative feedstock the waste and residual lipids, while at the same time increasing soil resilience towards climate change in...

Greener Flights from Greener Fields – Using Aviation Biofuel

The European Commission has recently published an article presenting EU funded BIO4A project’s solution and approach to boost the production capacity of EU jet fuel from renewable sources. Jet fuel from renewable sources holds the key to significantly reducing the...

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