Last 27 November 2019, a final event on the EU initiative FlightPath ‘Sustainable Fuels for Aviation in Europe’ was organized by the European Commission, SENASA, the project FlightPath, ARTFuels and the Airport Regions Council (AIRC) in Brussels. The focus was on: RED II and CORSIA: Will they make EU fly on Biojet over the Next Decade?
Over 200 attendees took part to lively sessions with speakers from private sector (operators in the aviation sector, including BIO4A partner SkyNRG), public authorities and representatives of the European institutions (EC DG Energy and DG MOVE).
Topics cover current and future policy framework for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), with meaningful results shown by ARTFuels and case studies discussed. Interest on SAF is high for regional and local authorities with an international airport situated within or near their territories, who needs to maximize the market and social benefits generated by the airports while minimising the costs for the environment and human health. In addition to fleet renewal and operational efficiency gains, it was demonstrated once more that SAF is a necessary option the commercial aviation industry has to reduce CO2 emissions in the short term.
A video of the event, collecting good insights and current state of the art of SAF and policy and market context for the aviation area, is available here.