RE-CORD, as Coordinator of BIO4A, participated to the Contractor’s Clustering Workshop on Biofuel Projects organized by INEA, held in Brussels on May 23-24rd, 2019.

The meeting gathered together the beneficiaries of the on-going H2020 RIA and IA projects on biofuels.

This event aimed to bring all these projects together as an opportunity to meet each other, exchange experiences and information and plan future joint activities and events.

An update was provided by all project representatives in two sessions, for biochemical and thermochemical routes.

BIO4A presented its latest activities in M1-M12 period on R&D for long-term strategy for sustainable oleaginous cultivation for HEFA production, including RE-CORD activities on biochar and COMBI production and the agronomic field experiments initiated in Spain. Planned activities beyond M12 were also presented.

The topic of sustainable HEFA production based on soil amendment strategy in marginal lands located in EU-Med area prone to desertification raised interest in the Q&A session held with the other participants, especially in terms of GHG reduction.

BIO4A participated also on the final joint session on possible synergies and opportunities with the other projects. At the end of the discussion, a collaborative action list on common activities was produced for the next 12 months.