On the 8th of November, the Bio4A project was  introduced in the context of the workshop “Biofuels for transport and REDII: which perspectives for 2020-2030?” held at Keyenergy, Ecomondo green technologies expo in Rimini, Italy-. The workshop was organized by RE-CORD/ART Fuels Forum, the Kyoto ClubCIBFREE and ETA Florence to address the challenge being represented by the decarbonisation of transport sector both at the EU level and globally.

A moment from the final panel discussion.

David Chiaramonti RECORD, BIO4A project coordinator,  presented the status of RED II after the Trialogue negotiations, its current gaps and how RED II  could impact on different biomass conversion technologies and biofuel production.

He also presented ICAO’s scenarios on the global demand for sustainable aviation fuels and the challenge of scaling up SAF production.On the basis of one of ICAOs different scenarios on global jet demand, 170 biorefineries should be built between 2020 and 2050, in order to  replace 100% of conventional aviation fuels with SAF. Although this is a theoretical target, the development of commercial-scale solutions is essential to set the basis for industrial-level production and the market uptake of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs)

David Chiaramonti interviewed by Radio24 at Keyenergy, Ecomondo (Italy).

The workshop was also an opportunity to learn about other important Italian initiatives in the field of sustainable biofuels. Alessandro Carettoni, Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of the Territory and the Sea,  introduced the draft of the integrated National Energy and Climate Change Plan which will be submitted to the European Commission before the end of this year.

Giovanni Barraco ENAC (The Italian National body for CIvili Aviation)spoke about sustainable aviation biofuels production from algae;  and Sergio Tommasini  Sunchem, presented the FIBISA and the SOLARIS projects with a focus on tobacco crops for the production of biodiesel and SAF

Find the BIO4A presentation  “The EU Alternative and Renewable Transport Fuel Forum and REDII. Focus on Aviation Biofuels: the BIO4A project” by project coordinator David Chiaramonti.

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